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May 11th, 2015  No Comments candids gallery

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April 24th, 2015  No Comments Interview

The quartet of stars of Fantastic Four were on hand at CinemaCon today to promote 20th Century Fox’s movie reboot of Marvel’s first family of superheroes.

I sat down with actors Miles Teller (Reed Richards), Kate Mara (Sue Storm), Michael B. Jordan (Johnny Storm), and Jamie Bell (Ben Grimm) to briefly discuss the film. (It was a seriously short interview due to their schedule; fittingly enough, it ran exactly four minutes!)

IGN: We’re now seeing more and more footage, and the thing I’m responding to is that old-school body horror thing. I’m wondering, because in the past Fantastic Four films — with the exception of the Thing — they kind of gloss over like, “Oh, these things happened to us,” and they go on with the adventure. How much horror is in the movie and how much are your characters reacting to these, in some ways, horrible things that have happened to them?

Miles Teller: I think in the trailer you definitely get the sense that there are elements of that, for sure. In the trailer, once you’ve seen the accident happen, the music changes, and… you can tell that it’s pretty traumatic. Yeah, we don’t gloss over anything. I think what’s great about this movie is that you see the guys before, and then you see what happens right after that. You get to see that transition period, from just a regular civilian to these other characters that people will recognize. But I love the fact that you get to see them go through the transformation. I think that’s the most interesting part.

IGN: I’m especially wondering about Ben Grimm. There’s really no getting out of that for him. That’s kind of his curse. What sort of mental space did you have to go to to play someone that tortured?

Jamie Bell: The thing is trying to not play the creature of it. You’re always trying to remember that there’s a kid in there. There’s a kid who had the rest of his life in him as a normal human being, and then this has forever changed him. I’m always trying to remember that — there’s a human in there. I mean, aside from all the physical affectations that you have to assume as well, but just trying to make it a real person with real problems.

IGN: Now, Johnny’s got a line in the new trailer where he’s like, “We have to use our powers for good,” and that stood out to me because traditionally Johnny is conceited, cocky, reckless. To hear him say something that heroic — is he now more of the conscience of the group, or is that his one moment of not being a jerk, maybe, like he is in the other ones?

Kate Mara: He’s still all those other things. [Laughs]

Michael B. Jordan: Yeah, I’m definitely all those other things as well. But I think Johnny is coming from more of a place of looking for an identity or a purpose. He looks at and turns to his powers as fate, that maybe this is what he’s been looking for. So that was just that one take in that one clip.

Miles Teller: That line’s actually not even in the movie. [Editor’s note: he was joking.]

IGN: [Laughs] Now how responsible are you guys for what happens in making Victor Domashev into Doctor Doom?

Michael B. Jordan: We can’t give you that one!

Miles Teller: That question sounds dangerous. 


April 24th, 2015  No Comments gallery Public Event


April 24th, 2015  No Comments gallery Public Event


April 24th, 2015  No Comments gallery Public Event


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